Learning Japanese bean paste flower

Have you ever seen “Anflower” or “Anko no ohana”???
It’s a kind of wagashi, so-called, Neo-wagashi.
You can see the beautiful Anko flowers on instagram.
Please look at #wanaha_official.

I’ve been thinking about this eatable bean paste flowers for a long time.
Try to learn?
…No way! Can’t do it for me. It must be too difficult for me.

After long long consideration, I finally decided to learn “Anko no ohana”.
Now I’m about to open my own wagashi workshop.

This is my story how I was attracted by “Anko no ohana”.

What is “Anko no ohana”?

Have you ever eaten ohagi?
It’s a rice cake covered with sweet bean paste, in short.

“Anko no ohana” is topped with flower shaped sweet bean paste like this.

Both of them tastes almost same.
It’s simply rice cake and sweet bean paste.
But you’ll be surprised by Anko no ohana’s beautiful looks.

We use white bean paste colored with natural pigments and pipe it to flower shaped like rose, cherry blossom, carnation and so on, then decorate it on ohagi or cakes.

No interests in making sweets?
What If not necessary to make a cake and just pipe anko flower only?
Cakes are prepared by instructors in advance for Anko no ohana workshop.
All you have to do is piping flowers.
You can easily enjoy it.

The first experience I dared to learn was Wanaha art food association’s basic class.
I piped white and pink flowers and roses on cupcakes.

Piping beginner

This photo is the basic class, 9 mini cupcake box.
As I imagined, it was difficult!
It’s time to lock in!!
All I can say is that it’s very, very fun.

The biggest event is rose flower piping.
Had some fun for piping white and pink flowers but rose is the most difficult.
My rose is not a rose!
The petal is too thick, jagged and tatters.

The overall of flower box looked very kawaii.
Nevertheless, my rose is not a rose again….feel a bit sad.
Instructor encouraged me “well done well done!” to see my depressed face and gave me the beautiful rose made by her. Needless to say, put the treasure in the freezer for eternal keep.

I eager to learn this “Anko no ohana” more and more.

Proceed to instructor course

No doubt to proceed to instructor course.
Although the fee is reasonably high, couldn’t stop my eager.

I had four seasoned An flower lesson.
Spring for matcha flower box.
Summer and Autumn for hydrangeas, zinnia, scabiosa and cosmos cupcakes.
Winter for ohagi flower box.

The chrysanthemum in winter box was also difficult for me.
It’s first time to made such beautiful cakes.
So exhausted with a sense of fulfillment and fatigue, but somehow I felt very positive.

Now, self-study begins.

Anko cookie lesson

I had Anko cookie lesson,too.
Learned piping rose, camellia and anemone flower cookie.

“Sooooooo cute——”
“Wow, Oishii——–”
Everyone said same things.

Cookies are easy to carry around and can be given without hesitation, so I thought it would be a nice gift.

I happen to meet the lady who we took basic class together.
She had finished instructor course, too.
After the lesson, we talked about own future plan and renewed one’s determination.
Hope to pass the exam soon.


“Self-study” never be accomplished if I think “Do it when I have enough time”.
Besides, Time flies if I wait for the time my piping will be perfect.
Anyway-anyhow Once I tried exam.

Ofcourse, failed.

Following the instructor’s review, I practiced again and again.
Finally passed the exam.
I’ve learned a lot after growing up, but I’m very happy to pass this exam and planned to rent a space for “Anko no ohana” workshop.

I’ve been working for a cabin attendant, HR administration and secretary.
Especially, the latest job, CEO’s secretary is incredibly stressed work from his abuse of Authority.
1000% impossible to take care of him without contempt day and day.
Compared to that, how anko flower heals me, makes me having gentle feelings and make other people smile.

I’ll be restarted as an “Anko no ohana” instructor.
From now on, I would like to promote this beautiful and cute anko flower while having fun.

I will continue to work as a KIMONO remake handmade artist “Craft Caña”, but please take a look at my growth story as a “Anko no ohana” instructor.

For Craft Caña internet sales, please see this page。It’s original Japanese handmade.

可愛いお花しぼりができる あんこのお花練習帖