Upcycle from KIMONO

These are made from recycled kimonos, such as Komon, Tsumugi and Kimono bolt.
When I use recycled kimono, it needs to be untied, washed and ironed, because antique kimonos may have stains or old smells of mothballs like camphor.
(By the way, smells of mothballs is so called Grandma’s smell in Showa era. I like it very much actually…)

Normally I make Sukiyabag first, and will make other items, for example, Kobukusa, Sweets pick case and Kaishi paper holder and so on, after receiving the order.

Simply saying, kobukusa is like a cup coaster. It is an item for treating tea utensils carefully.
Kaishi paper holder is a small pouch to put Kaishi Paper, sweets pick and other small items.
Sweets pick case is just a case to put picks.

Sukiya bag is a small bag that can put all of the above.

I love to make these items very much.

SukiyaBag(Tsujigahana1) with Kaishi paper holder and sweets pick case

SukiyaBag(Tsujigahana2) with Kaishi paper holder and sweets pick case

SukiyaBag(Peony) with bow hair accessory

SukiyaBag(Kiribame) with Kaishi paper holder and Kobukusa



SukiyaBag(Oriental Orange) with Teabowl pouch.

SukiyaBag(Tsumugi Berry) with sweets pick case and hair tie.

Sukiya bag from cotton fabrics

I also make western-style sukiya bags using cotton fabrics from Liberty and Moda, etc.

It goes well with kimono, of course, but it also good with business suits when you go to tea ceremony lessons after work. I hope that you will enjoy coordinating it with various TPOs.

There are also sukiya bags for cat lovers, dog lovers, and rabbit lovers.
I’ve lived with cats since I was born, I can’t help buying cat goods.
Please take your favorite sukiya bag to the tea ceremony lesson, everyone will be glued to your sukiya bag!

You never can find my unique and original sukiyabag in the market.
I think this is one of the way to enjoy handmade products.



SukiyaBag with Liberty fabrics.

SukiyaBag(hyacinth) with moda fabrics

SukiyaBag(Pimpernel), Kaishi paper holder, Kobukusa and sweets pick case with moda fabrics.

SukiyaBag(Strawberry theif) with moda fabrics.



SukiyaBag(White Clover and Paisley Flower)

SukiyaBag(Lily of the Valley)

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Enjoy my original works and find your favorite.