Concept – Unique and Original Sukiya bag –

“Looking forward to going to tea ceremony lesson with this sukiya bag”

“Finding a sukiya bag with a little personality for my hosted tea party”

“Sure will be pleased if I gift this sukiya bag to my friend”

It makes me happy to hear that, so I always patrol fabric shops and kimono markets.

The warmhearted sukiya bag.

The reason I started handmade was a conversation during a tea ceremony lesson.

Let’s say, wouldn’t it make you a little happy if a tea ceremony host, wearing glasses,  has a sukiya bag with glasses pattern?

It may sparked a lively talk or could be increased your motivation to keeping tea ceremony lesson.

My shop “CRAFT Cana” will deliver such a one-of-a-kind item.

About SEN Rikyu’s 7rules

SEN no Rikyu, great tea master in the 16th century, was once asked by pupils “What is the spirit of the tea ceremony”. His answer at that time is said to be the “Rikyu’s 7rules”, it is valued as a a heart of Japanese hospitality, even today.
    1.Make a good tea for your guest
    2.Be well prepared prior to making tea
    3.Be attentive for the coolness in summer and the warmth in winter
    4.Arrange flowers like flowers blooming in the field
    5.Be ready ahead of time
    6.Be prepared for the worst situation
    7.Respect guests and enjoy the time to share

Hope to share this humble heart of Japanese hospitality with you.



Used to work for Singapore Airlines as a flight crew, based in Singapore. I love East coast and Katong area especially.

Living abroad and working in a multinational environment made me realized to see the beauty of Japanese culture.After returning to Japan, I’m learning tea ceremony (Urasenke), kimono, and Japanese dressmaking, while working as a CEO’s secretary.I cherish the words “wakei seijaku”. It is the four most important elements of the tea ceremony, “harmony, respect, purity and tranquility”.

My parents’ house is located in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is famous for Yuki Tsumugi. My grandparents are used to be a sericulture farmer, so the mulberry field was my playground when I was a little girl. I wanted to do something to carry on its tradition, so I had a training for spinning Yuki Tsumugi’s yarn. Now I’m spinning it by hand at home. It is a very very little effort but I’d like to do my best.